Wednesday, 25 June 2014

Hips and Thighs

I tackle these together because they are about the front and rear view of the "hour-glass" whereas the bum is about the side view. And it's not just about the hourglass, it's about how a woman looks in jeans, leggings or anything that hugs the figure.

Angles and Body Types

I took the image from the Wikipedia article on female body shape. Arguably, I'm currently closer to the Banana than anything else. If I've not said it before, the true Hourglass figure is beyond my reach. Both the Pear and the Hourglass look more feminine in shape that the other two and that's down to the hip-to-waist ration but also the angle of the outline of the body from the waist to the maximum frontal aspect of the hips.

My knickers with the hip pads - they put a bump on the hips. I've not yet had the opportunity to try them with my rubber slimming corset. Even so, I can imagine given my shape what they would do is just create a very localised "bump" rather than creating that overall curve. Again, I think if you were a woman in need of a little bit of help, they'd work fine but not if you are me.

These pads is closer to the mark but they are expensive. Interestingly, the advice that the adhesive is not strong enough on its own mirrors what I had suspected about stick-on bum pads. Pocketed foundation wear of a more robust construction (probably a light powermesh) is the obvious solution. Obviously this rules out any clothing that is not knee length and even then, smoothing could be an issue. Unless the fit-to-form is very good, there is the risk of an obvious step/line.

I go back the prosthesis I linked to in the Bum post. It's not what I want but the result is interesting.

Inner Thigh
The question of what a woman's inner thigh looks like only applies to certain clothing - jeans, leggings and the like. The nonsense about the thigh gap makes me sad in that it's actually the negative of what someone who doesn't have an ideal feminine shape might want to achieve. I do understand that there is an innate tension between the short live vogue and long-lived more "classical" thinking. Some sort of shapewear or prosthetic that would that give little bulge of the inner thigh that short distance below the pelvis would be welcomed by many and not just crossdressers.

That curve is not a function of muscle, it's about how female hormones cause fat to be laid down.

Stance and Walk
Notice that in the above drawings that the thighs are together. If you watch how men and women walk and stand and even sit, men tend to splay their legs more as well as turning their feet out. It can be partly a function of clothing - a tight skirt restricts movement. The extreme is the hobble skirt.

As an aside, I tend to cross my legs when I sit in opposition to stuff like this kind of crap.

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